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Desbarollda, The Waltzing Mouse

Neil Gaiman (author of Good Omens, Coraline and many more) said of Desbarollda, The Waltzing Mouse:

“I read the first paragraph and was hooked. A sixty-three page eighteenth century novel in the grand manner about a waltzing mouse. Of course.”

In the first edition, Desbarollda, The Waltzing Mouse was described as

“Mr. Noel Langley’s epic pastiche in the grand classic heroic manner, wherein he pays glowing homage to the nice sensibility and decorous passions that are the special elixir of the artistic temperament, whether it inhabit Heathcliff, Manon Lescaut, the Mock Turtle or Desbarollda the Waltzing Mouse.”

Out of print since it was originally published by Lindsay Drummond Limited in 1947, Noel Langley’s “studiously and faithfully compiled” history of Desbarollda the Waltzing Mouse in now widely available once more.

The colour wrap-around cover picture is by Edward Ardizzone, as are the 15 decorated capitals and 16 illustrations.

Click on the small image to see a big version of the cover.

Durrant Publishing currently publishes two paperback editions of Desbarollda, one with monochrome illustrations (as in the sample PDF below) and one with the illustrations in full colour, just like the original 1947 edition. The monochrome edition is an eighty page 5"x8" paperback, with a full-colour cover and a black and white interior, ISBN 978-1-905946-02-0. The colour edition is an eighty page 5.5"x8.5" paperback, with a full-colour cover and a full colour interior, ISBN 978-1-905946-01-3

You can buy either paperback edition from Amazon UK or Amazon US using these links:


If you, like us, admire the artwork of Edward Ardizzone, you might be interested in high quality prints of his book illustrations produced by his grandson, scanned and digitally remastered from the original artwork. The prints, and other items, can be found at http://ardizzoneprint.co.uk/.


We also publish ebook versions of Desbarollda, currently through Smashwords.com in multiple formats and Lulu.com in ePub and PDF formats. The ebooks contain colour illustrations although, of course, on ebook readers with greyscale screens they will only display in shades of grey.

Our ebooks from Smashwords and Lulu.com are free from copy protection (DRM), and are reasonably priced ($6). If you buy a copy, please do not give copies away to other people, but encourage them to buy their own copies.

Desbarollda is at Smashwords in multiple formats:

If your ebook reader can read the new ePub format, we recommend buying the ePub from Lulu.com. This is a hand-built ePub, with the best formatting of any of the reflowable ebook editions:

To get as close to the printed layout possible in an ebook, there is also a PDF version available at Lulu, with a page size suitable for a 6" ebook reader:

Ebook samples are available at Smashwords.com and Lulu.com.

If you would like to see how the illustrations look in the monochrome paperback, please download this PDF Sample (506 KiB). N.B. This is a sample of the monochrome paperback edition, not a sample of the PDF available at Lulu.com.


Special Offer

If you have already bought one of the paperback editions of Desbarollda, the publisher is pleased to offer you a free copy of the ebook edition. Please apply by email to the publisher, saying where and when you bought your paperback, and your preferred ebook format.


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Desbarollda, The Waltzing Mouse is still in copyright.
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The illustrations are Copyright © 1947 The Estate of Edward Ardizzone
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